How and where to file W2 and W3 forms by paper

Written by: Adams Tax Services

As with most things tax related, filing W2s and W3s by paper can seem complicated. But Adams Tax Services has you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about how, when (and where) to file by paper to the Social Security Administration.

First, you’ll need to include your summary transmittal.

Form W3 is also known as the Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statement. You need to submit this summary transmittal with all your Copy A W-2 forms. Instructions for completing Form W-3 are listed on the W-3 form.

Second, avoid these common errors.

Avoid making the following errors which can cause processing delays (and even financial penalties).

1. Do not print plain ink copies of your W-2 copy A or W-3 form. If a box doesn't apply to you, leave it empty.

2. Do not add "0".

3. Do not omit the decimal point and cents from entries.

4. Do not mistakenly check the “Retirement plan” checkbox in box 13. See page 22 of this IRS PDF for Retirement plan details.

5. Do not misformat the employee’s name in box e. Enter the employee’s first name and middle initial in the first box; his or her surname in the second box; and his or her suffix (such as “Jr.”) in the third box (optional).

6. Do not enter the incorrect employer identification number (EIN) or the employee’s SSN for the EIN.

7. Do not cut, fold or staple Copy A paper forms mailed to SSA.

8. Do not mail any copy other than Copy A of Form W2 to the SSA.

When to File

Click here to view filing deadlines.

Where to File

File your red ink Copy A of Form W-2 with a Form W-3 to the following address:

Social Security Administration Direct Operations Center

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18769-0001 (for Certified Mail Use ZIP code 18769-0002)


File your W-2c (correction forms) and W-3c at the following address:

Social Security Administration Direct Operations Center

P.O. Box 3333 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-3333.

If anything is wrong with your filing, you will receive a notice.

For more details about filing your W2s and W3s, you can click this link to the SSA Website. Or you can eFile your forms in Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online for further help. Because taxes shouldn’t be taxing.