Adams® 1099-MISC Tax Forms Kit for 40 Recipients with Tax Forms Helper® Online 2022


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  • Access to Adams Tax Forms Helper Online 2022
  • 40 Sets of Form 1099-MISC for the IRS
  • 6 Form 1096 transmittals for the IRS
  • 40 Peel & Seal 2-Up 1099 security envelopes

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Verify which form(s) you need: NEC or MISC What exactly is non-employee compensation? And what payments still need to be reported on the 1099-MISC? Our quick guide gives you the highlights.

What are you reporting? 1099-NEC 1099-MISC
Paid over $600 in compensation to an attorney or person who is not your employee for services  
Paid an individual, partnership, estate or in some cases, a corporation  
Withheld federal income tax (box 4) under backup withholding rules regardless of payment  
Payer-made direct sales of $5,000 or more  
Rental income  
Royalties, awards & prizes  
Fishing boat proceeds  
Medical and health care payments  
Substitute payments in lieu of dividends or interest  
Excess golden parachute payments  
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Adams® 1099-MISC Tax Forms Kit gives you everything you need to report miscellaneous income for up to 40 recipients. Includes 5-part 1099 MISC forms, peel and seal envelopes, six 1096 forms and one year’s access to Tax Forms Helper Online, the seamless, quick and easy way to prepare Adams tax forms. With QuickBooks® Online integration, a robust Help Center and dedicated Chat for quick answers and live support

Report MISC payments:The IRS calls the 1099 MISC the "Miscellaneous Information Form". You'll still use this form to report miscellaneous income like rents and royalties, plus payer-made sales of $5,000 or more.

5-Part 1099 MISC forms are micro perforated for clean separations; forms print 2 to a page on 20 sheets with copies A, C, B, 2 & C; includes scannable red ink Copy A to be mailed to the IRS.

1096 Annual Summary and Transmittal forms summarize the information returns sent to the IRS.

2-up 1099 self-sealing tax envelopes have a security tint and pattern, a strong peel & seal adhesive, and left-aligned double windows to fit your 1099 forms.

Know your deadlines: For paper filers, 1099-MISC Copy B is due to recipients by JAN 31, 2023 (if box 8 & 10 are empty) or FEB 15 (if filled); Copy A & 1096 must mail to the IRS by FEB 28, 2023; or eFile by March 31, 2023.

eFile federal returns including the 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, W-2, 1098, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV tax forms and their summary reports. Additional fees apply.

Fill and print copies of these additional forms online: 1099-R, 1099-S, 1098-T, W-2C and W-3C.

More Information
Item Number with Prefix ABF TXW540MISC-22
Form Type 1099
Forms Per Page 2
Detached Form Size 5.5" x 8"
CD Included No
Copies in Package 40